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2014 Game Retrospective - Part 6

Thanks to all who joined us over the last couple of weeks as we fumbled our way through some of the high and low points of 2014. Of course now that we've talked about "the rest" we're going to need to get on with "the best." 

Next Monday we'll be posting up our Game of the Year choices, as chosen by the ShogunGamer writing staff, broken down by category. Until then, a very Happy Holidays from your friends here at SG!

Best "Dual Wield Everything" Game:
Wolfenstein: New Order
Wolfenstein: New Order
Wolfenstein might not have lit the world on fire in 2014, but it did at least try to do some cool things. One of my personal favorites was the ability to dual wield any gun combo. Seriously, dual heavy machine guns? I don't even care that it's implausible, it made me feel like Rambo and that deserves SOMETHING.

Jen: Admittedly I skipped this one, but I've played games to check out minimal features before so I'm going to move this one to the top of my list. I do love me some overkill.

Best Make It Your Fucking Self Game:
Project Spark
Project Spark
C: This is a new trend that I'm starting to see, which I don't much care for. Starting with the success of LBP game developers have started leaving us to our own, offering a toolbox instead of a game. The low point, for me, was when Nintendo announced its next Mario game: Mario Maker.

J: I'm really back and forth on this concept. On one hand, it does feel a little shitty paying full price for a game I have to just make myself. It's like buying a new sweater, then you open up the bag and it's just yarn, needles and instructions. If I knew how to knit, I wouldn't have bought a full goddamn sweater.

On the other hand, Mario Maker does look like hella fun.

Best Conductor Simulation:
Fantasia: Music Evolved
Fantasia: Music Evolved
C: We didn't end up having a music/rhythm category in this year's GOTY discussion, but if we had I probably would have nominated this game for the sole fact that you shake hands to engage multiplayer mode... This is the kind of stuff I got a Kinect for. (And no, I'm not joking. It's dope.)

J: I am such a sucker for rhythm games it's not even funny, and the Disney music gimmick kind of seals the deal. I picked up Child of Eden for exactly this kind of thing.

Worst Game and its Sequel Released on the Same Day:
Assassin's Creed Unity/Rogue
Assassin's Creed Rouge
C: Okay, so it might not actually be a "sequel" but the fact that we had two separate installments in the same franchise launch on the same day boils down to just one word in my opinion: Laughable. 

J: I don't have a whole lot to say, because I peaced out of the Assassin's Creed franchise after Black Flag. Still though, Ubisoft, well done. You play the "oversaturate the market" game well.

Furthest Departure From What Made the Franchise Successful:
Escape Dead Island
Escape Dead Island
C: "Alright, so we need to make some kind of tie in feature to remind people of this franchise before the new installment comes out next year... What are the key features of this game, so we can keep people interested?"

"Well, there's first-person, build your own weapons, the sandbox approach to level design... and of course zombies."

"Great! I heard zombies. So let's run with that, I'm thinking... a cell-shaded stealth-action game where you play as a photographer, kids loved that Pokemon Snap and never shut up about it! Linear pathing, standard weapons of course... I think we have a winner!"

"..but... almost none of that..."

"Quiet you! What's our next project?"

J: But... but Pokemon Snap was awesome...


Best Game That Your 'Otaku' Friend Won't Shut Up About:
Persona Q
Persona Q
J: If I had a nickel for every time an otaku friend of mine went on for hours about the Persona series, I'd have a shitload of nickels.

C: Those crazy Otaku! Though, to be fair... If it wasn't for the Otaku in my life I probably wouldn't have ever given a second glance at Tomorrow Ends with You, and that game is stupid amounts of fun.

J: This is very true, but I definitely have gotten used to the raving about the Persona series. Of course, they really are very good games. Except maybe the fighting game? I skipped that one.

Best Sequel That We Didn't Deserve:
Tomb Raider and the Temple of Osiris
Tomb Raider: Temple of Osiris
C: Victor mentioned in his Bayonetta 2 review that it was a game we didn't deserve for not buying the first one. Well, that's how I feel about Temple of Osiris. It was a fantastic arcade game that came out a while back, and I had immense amounts of fun playing through solo and co-op. This year we got a sequel that included an increase in multiplayer from two to four... and you bastards didn't buy it did you? This is why we can't have nice things!

J: Squarely in that camp. Although, to be fair, they were coming out with Tomb Raider "reboot" titles almost annually and I didn't play a one that was enjoyable. I can understand the reasoning behind skipping it, but that's easy because it's mine.