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Interplay Teases Earthworm Jim in Clayfighter 2016

There's nothing I love more than a game (or gametrailer in this case) with a sense of humour, especially if it is self-deprivation or referential humour. Interplay released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Clayfighter 2016 Remaster today that does a little bit of both, citing reviews from the original game that were, let's say, less than stellar?

Of course what the majority of the internet is talking about, this morning, is the silhouetted image in the background of the voice-overed text. It's a "Who's that Pokémon" style bluff that leads you to believe Earthworm Jim is going to be making resurgence and then, well... I'll let you watch.

So, massive tease, right? Here's the thing. That tease has set the internet aflame with rumours of a potential Earthworm Jim tie-in with the 2016 release of Clayfighter. It's an idea that's not even that crazy, considering that EJW was a playable character in the N64 version of Clayfighter, 63⅓.

What do you think? Are we going to get a little EJW love in the 2016 remaster for PC? Or was this just one epic troll on behalf of Interplay to set the internet on fire while we wait for Clayfighter in 2016?