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DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition Launch Trailer

A little later on today we'll be posting up our full review of DmC (Devil May Cry): Definitive Edition, but in the meantime I figured "what the hell" we'll also show off the launch trailer for the "next gen" remaster. Mostly, this is for two reasons 1) I love me a well done launch trailer, and 2) I love me some Devil May Cry.

While the world at large might disagree with the absolute epicness that I, personally, believe the reboot of Devil May Cry was (and will be again with its graphical update and added DLC component). Regardless of your interest (or disinterest) in the DmC Definitive Edition we should all be able to, at least, join hands and enjoy the launch trailer. We can at least all admit that the series, as a whole, is stylish as hell after all, right?