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Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Enters The Fan-Translation Pantheon

To carve out a path for humanity in this chaotic and uncaring universe, human beings have always sought some level of order and organization; codes that we as a culture can subscribe to so as to ease suffering and bring about balance. And so we developed the concept of justice, and law to establish what is or is not just. Unfortunately, we cannot conceive of justice without its opposite. And so 'injustice' was born.

And for those of us with a certain level of passion for video games there is no greater injustice than an unreleased gem. I can think of few cult hits with more passionate fanbases than the Ace Attorney series, which makes Capcom's decision not to localize 2011's DS title Gyakuten Kenji 2 all the more baffling.

Luckily, a small sect of that same passionate group of fans has delivered one of the best fan-translations in years and filled in the final piece of the Ace Attorney timeline for English-speaking audiences.

The work that has been done to create Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth: Prosecutor's Path is nothing short of incredible. Not only has all the text been translated at the level one would expect from an official localization, all of the Japanese text in the backgrounds and sprites has been changed as well. And in an attempt to make this package look as legit as possible they have gone in and replaced the usual 'Objection' and 'Hold It' voice clips with either English samples from previous titles or recorded new voice samples for new characters. It really is an all-round amazing job that was well worth the 4-year wait.

It can be sobering to think of how much content we don't receive in the West due to localization issues. The Final Fantasy series is notorious for being all over the map when it came to international releases in the '90s. It can still be a nightmare talking to people about Final Fantasy III, which they're pretty sure is the one with Kefka. Lost gems like Hideo Kojima's Policenauts might have never have left the shores of Japan if it weren't for dedicated fans.

And then there's Nintendo showing little rhyme or reason as to what they decide gets a western release -- The brave men and women who brought us Mother 3 deserve medals.

A lesser-known but still hugely important game for fans of The Legend of Zelda is the classic Game Boy adventure-RPG, For The Frog The Bell Tolls. It laid the groundwork for Link's Awakening and was also the beginning of the trading sequences that Zelda fans are so fond of. The main character, The Prince of Sable, still shows up in other Nintendo games once in a while, much to the bewilderment of English audiences.

One of these days I'll delve into these games in more detail - they all speak volumes not only about the state of games at the time the games were made, but the state of the fan culture surrounding the actual translations - but for now all I can do is highly recommend that fans of Ace Attorney check out the unofficial localization of Gyakuten Kenji 2. And for those of you who are on the fence about getting into a series that is missing a chunk, worry no more. Unfortunately, I won't be linking anything directly from this page because while justice is on our side for delivering this game to the west, the law is not necessarily. You'll just have to use your excellent skills of deduction, future ace attorneys.