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Microsoft (Presumably) Scorpio Focused E3 2017 Brief

The the second (unofficial) day of E3 has begun and today we have two new press conferences to get through. First, and arguably most important, is the Microsoft conference, which is planned to run over its 90-minute time slot today. The biggest piece of the conference is sure to be the official reveal of whatever "Scorpio's" real name is as well as some of the accompanying software. 

Thanks to the EA brief yesterday, we know that at least one new IP (from BioWare) is heading to the aforementioned console: Anthem. We'll get to see a little bit more about what that game is all about along with what other tent-pole titles the unit brings when it launches later this year. 

We can also expect some new information about Microsoft's "Play Anywhere" initiative that lets gamers own a copy of most blockbuster titles across two platforms for one price (Xbox and PC). Aside from that, there haven't been many leaks or hints... but the super-sized console-announce focused show should definitely be one to watch!

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