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Albert Wesker Returns To Give Us Some Hilarious Voicemail Greetings

There are a few voice actors who work in the video game industry that gain a lot of popularity because they’re damn fine at what they do. Take for example actor D.C. Douglas.  You may not recognize his name, but D.C. is the man who has been responsible for bringing Albert Wesker to life in the last few Resident Evil games.  Wesker may have become a nuisance at times in the latter half of the RE trilogy, but one of the key things to making him an interesting character was D.C.’s performance as the sunglass wearing villain with a thirst for global domination.

Having a good sense of humor, D.C. has taken to his blog to post several voicemail greetings done as the Albert Wesker character.  So if you’re looking for a new message to use when people call you, then what else is better than having someone hear the smooth yet deadly voice of Albert Wesker?  As part of a small contest in which D.C. chose some winning submissions from the community, the voicemail messages are really damn funny and include a few nods to inside RE jokes like “Complete Global Saturation!” or how the relationship between Wesker and Excella isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Oh, there’s even a Wesker as Lady Gaga greeting in there too for those who may want something a bit more subtle.

All of the voicemail messages are free to download, but as D.C. so kindly asks it would be appreciated if those who do download the voicemail messages can make a small donation to a charity. For providing us with nine funny voicemail greetings I don’t think D.C.’s request is that unreasonable, even if we won’t be able to use these messages in a practical setting.

To listen and download the Albert Wesker voicemail messages, head over to the official blog of D.C. Douglas.