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Anarchy Reigns Is About As Serious As You Can Get In This New Trailer

Japanese developers can be slightly schizophrenic in what sort of tone their games have.  One minute we may have a gripping cutscene detailing the power struggle or grip someone has over an organization but then the next minute we have a fart/diarrhea joke (yup, I’m looking at you Hideo Kojima).  Sometimes having these slight shifts in tone can work or bring some much needed light heartedness to an otherwise serious subject that can be too dreary for some. But as a whole I still find it surprising to see how some developers can so easily turn on and off the “let’s freak out and do an absolutely crazy game” switch and carry on like it’s a normal sort of thing.

When I saw Anarchy Reigns at E3 last month I was surprised to learn that the game wouldn’t feature the same tone found in Mad World when it came to the story mode. Instead of offering a story with small comments on the social structure of today along with providing some cheesy yet tongue-in-cheek action and dialogue, Anarchy Reigns is presented as serious as a game can be and I witnessed it first-hand via a cutscene that was shown to me.  I didn’t get to see a lot of what Anarchy Reigns had to offer on the story side of things but this new trailer does show that Platinum Games is making a rather serious game, more so than the instant-classic that was Vanquish which at times felt like it was a video game helmed by Paul Verhoeven.

I’m still trying to piece together the plot of Anarchy Reigns but it apparently follows both Jack from Mad World and new protagonist Leonhart Victorion as they investigate the murder of someone. Yes, at the end of the day Platinum Games has crafted a game which revolves around a murder mystery but also works into a way to include group melee combat battles, sci-fi ninjas and giant green beasts in a near apocalyptic future.

Whether or not the story of Anarchy Reigns actually gels with the rest of the game is yet to be scene since it’s a bit odd to have such a straight laced and serious plot go along with a game that has a dominatrix like character and a dude named Blacker Baron.  Unlike the other games from Platinum Games have created so far, there’s been a lot of trepidation about Anarchy Reigns since it hasn’t given us the same day one wow factor like Bayonetta or Vanquish did.  Even after playing a multiplayer demo of the game I really didn’t know what sort of end result Anarchy Reigns would be and I’m still wondering if this will be a big misfire for Platinum Games. But I’m likely just being a bit jaded and paranoid so we’ll all just have to wait to see what the end result will be once Anarchy Reigns comes out early next year on the PS3 and Xbox 360.