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Anime Art Styles + Tekken + Provocative Poses = Possibily Awesome Tekken Statues

Tekken may be one of the most popular and well known video game franchises in the world, but for some reason its multi-media reach just hasn’t quite been what it could be.  It’s only just now after nearly sixteen years that we’re possibly getting a good Tekken movie with the forthcoming release of Tekken: Blood Vengeance and we’re also finally getting proper Tekken figures/statues as well.

I really don’t understand why it’s taken so long for this to happen but Namco Bandai has finally partnered up with a company which I believe will do the Tekken series justice. After a series of barely passable action figures and twelve-inch figures were released in the past, the Tekken series is going the quasi high-end statue route thanks to Kotobukiya.  Best known for creating various statues of an affordable price point ($60-$140), Kotobukiya will be releasing a new series of statues for Tekken as part of their Bishoujo line.  For the people out there that aren’t complete Japanese-ophiles, Bishoujo refers to a “beautiful young girl” which subsequently means that female characters are adapted to a more anime/manga art style.

Previous entries in Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo line have included several Marvel vixens such as Rouge and Phoenix along with a few odd ones such as a female Ghostbuster, which looked kind of odd yet hot at the same time.  First up in the Tekken Bishoujo series will be Christie Monteiro, better known as the female version of Eddie Gordo who is two steps away from being a Jennifer Lopez clone.  Kotobukiya has revealed an image of the Christie statue via their Twitter account and things look pretty good so far.  I’m still trying to get over the concept of female characters from the Tekken world undergoing an anime facelift, but Christie looks rather good, even with the obligatory ass shot that the statue’s pose unabashedly features.

Kotobukiya has yet to reveal how extensive the Tekken series will be but gamers can expect a figure of everyone’s favorite female android, Alisa Bosconovitch.  I would assume that Nina and Anna Williams would be included in the Tekken Bishoujo line at some point but I guess that depends on how well the line does at retail.  At times it may appear that a Kotobukiya line will do well but here I am nearly three years later and I’m still waiting for more additions to the Devil May Cry 3 & 4 series figures which were all sorts of awesome.

Gamers and toy collectors can expect the Christie figure to arrive later this year and of course it’s only bound for Japan as of now.  The Tekken figures look to retain the standard Bishoujo height (10” inches) which means they will likely only cost $50-70 to import or purchase from North American hobbyist sites.  I know that the Bishoujo series will exclusively feature the lovely ladies of Tekken, but I would die to have a proper statue of Yoshimitsu since he’s my favorite Tekken character and has a design that’s perfect for a high-end statue.

If you have a Tekken character you would love to see Kotobukiya take on then let us know in the comments section.