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Another glance at Eight Days in the form of newly leaked footage and images

Three years ago when Sony showed off what the PlayStation 3 was capable of they showed a trailer for a game called Eight Days. To many this was one of the best trailers Sony showed at their E3 2006 presentation due to the quality of the animation and the unique action it showed. As we know the trailer for Eight Days and the others at Sony’s E3 conference were all pre-rendered but there was still some buzz amongst action game fans over the potential Eight Days had.

After the E3 trailer info on Eight Days became non-existent. Every now and then there would be a few small snippets of info from SCEE employees or former employees that sometimes painted a bad image of the game due to some “issues” it had. Soon enough SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida announced that Eight Days along with The Getaway 3 were cancelled to allow development funds to go to other Sony London projects, most notably EyePet.  This pissed off quite a few people who were looking forward to both Eight Days and The Getaway since we never got a glimpse at what the projects really looked like and the justification for cancelling them was a bit iffy.

Now this leads us to today where some new footage and images for Eight Days have leaked.  To be honest I think this will only make things hurt a bit more since the game looks quite good for the stage of development it was in.  And to top things off it turns out that actors Gary Oldman (The Fifth Element, Batman Begins), Ving Rhames (Pulp Fiction, Dawn of the Dead) and Dennis Hopper (Blue Velvet, Waterworld) would be starring in the game. By looking at some of the images and the newly leaked footage you can see that Ving was meant to play one of the playable characters while the roles of Gary and Dennis are unknown.  It’s possible that Gary could’ve played the blonde haired hero as Gary is quite a chameleon when it comes to acting but if anything the character model resembles actor Josh Holloway (Sawyer from Lost).

It’s a damn shame that Eight Days was canceled as it had the potential to be one hell of an action game thanks to the extremely slick animation, which is a bit reminiscent of Uncharted, and the nice visuals.  It’s standard for projects to get cancelled when they don’t have the goods or are having too troubled of a development cycle but the fact that Eight Days was cancelled to allocate money for projects like EyePet just hurts even more after watching this latest video. EyePet looks like a unique game and I’m looking forward to checking it out but I would’ve preferred to play a badass action game starring some famous character actors instead.

View the new leaked Eight Days footage here.