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Batman: Arkham City Looks Amazing In These New Screens, As Is Usually The Case

From what has been revealed so far, 2011 is going to be one of those special years in gaming.  We got a bunch of amazing games coming out like Uncharted 3 and sexy new hardware like the Sony NGP and the Nintendo 3DS.  Out of the many pieces of gaming goodness that’s set for release in 2011, Batman: Arkham City has got to be near the top if not on the top of many gamers “Most Anticipated Games of 2011” lists.

We all want more info on Batman: Arkham City but we’re just going to have to bide our time as developer Rocksteady and WB Games continue to tease us.  Maybe it’s for the best that we haven’t been inundated with countless screens and gameplay videos at this point as it would just make the wait for Batman: Arkham City that much more difficult.  Maybe we could be on the cusp of getting a minor if not more mouthwatering reveal for Batman: Arkham City since we have a few new screens of the game.

The screens don’t reveal any new environments or villains, but they do show the scope of the game and how much of a graphical leap Rocksteady has given the game compared to Akrham Asylum.  Things still look gritty in Arkham City but the game has a certain crispness to it that almost borders on given the bullshot label, but this is Rocksteady we’re talking about and Arkham City showed us that they can master the Unreal Engine 3 unlike other developers out there.

Sadly these new screens are the only pieces of Batman: Arkham City related goodness we have for today. The chaps over at GameSpot (which is actually back on track after the Gertsmann debacle) have posted a new interview with Rocksteady, but not a whole lot of new details are mentioned that we already didn’t know about.  Who knows when WB Games will unleash the full media blitz for Batman: Arkham City, but one could hope it’s relatively soon merely to satisfy our thirst for info on the game and to solidify a potential release date.