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Battlefield 3 Is Receiving A Spin-Off Novel

The video game biz is no longer restricted to the world of consoles and as we have all seen over the years is instead a multi-media empire with some franchises being on par with mainstream faves like Star Wars.  Most video games are better suited for comic book, anime, or film adaptations than others and some shouldn’t even be thought of making the leap when it comes to being adapted into a novel. No matter what the source quality is most publishers want to make a buck since that’s all that matters to some companies.  Today we have some details on the Battlefield 3 novelization which may or may not suck and won’t include a chapter titled “Boom” in which it’s just the word boom repeated for five pages with small interjections like “the enemy soldier was stabbed in the face.”

A novelization of Battlefield 3 may sound as silly as someone trying to decipher the near incoherent plots of the Modern Warfare series to resemble something that makes sense but the BF3 novel may not be complete garbage.  Since EA and developer DICE realize how important Battlefield 3 is and the Battlefield franchise is as a whole, the services of Andy McNab have been procured. Unless you’re a military nut and read a lot of novels in the vein of Tom Clancy you probably haven’t the faintest clue as to who Andy McNab is.  A former member of the SAS (the British military) the man who goes by the pseudonym of Andy McNab is a prolific writer of military fiction/nonfiction which makes him the perfect chap to take on Battlefield 3.

Given Andy’s talents as a writer and knowledge of what it’s like to be a soldier, the Battlefield 3 novel won’t be a straight adaptation of the narrative told in the single-player campaign found in the game.  Battlefield 3: The Russian will follow Dima, one of the new characters of BF3, as he goes on a quest (probably of the revenge variety) set during and after the events that occur in Battlefield 3.  Whether or not other key characters from BF3 will pop up in the Dima’s adventure wasn’t mentioned but as long as there isn’t a chapter involving going to a secret facility to rescue an ally that was once believed to be dead then I think we may have a winner on our hands.

"It is impossible for any single medium to fully capture the emotion and intensity of war.  The Battlefield 3: The Russian novel is one window into the experience, and the game is another. They complement each other perfectly. Working with DICE has been a fantastic ride,” said McNab.  I’m not exactly an immediate aficionado about military centric novels but I will say that if something has Andy McNabb onboard then it can’t be all that bad.  McNab is best known for his debut novel Bravo Two Zero which recounted his mission in Iraq which failed horribly in every possible way. If you want to get a feel of Andy’s legitimacy as an author and what his life experience is then scope out Bravo Two Zero or watch the film adaptation which just so happens to star everyone’s favorite genre actor: Sean Bean.

Battlefield: The Russian may not earn as massive a following compared to its video game counterpart, but it’s nice to see EA at least put some time and thought into the novel instead of just hiring a D-grade writer to come up with something that will please those in the 14-18 year-old age bracket.

Battlefield: The Russian will be available on October 25th.