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A Behind-the-Scenes Look At The Acting of Killzone 3 [Video]

Killzone 3 is probably the biggest game in the franchise and possibly the most action-packed game Guerrilla Games has developed.  But when the ISA aren't getting their ass kicked by the Helghast, there’s actually a story to be told in Killzone 3 which tells of an ever brewing civil war on Helghan due to the demise of Scolar Visari.

With the added emphasis on the story, Sony and the team at Guerrilla Games recruited some high profile talented, the most notable of which are Ray Winstone (Beowulf, Sexy Beast) and Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange, Heroes).  Both actors are known for their intense performances and they seem to have lived up to their reputations in Killzone 3.  Previously I think the general assumption was that Mr. Winstone and Mr. McDowell merely provided their voices in the game, but as this new behind-the-scenes video shows, both actors donned the always funny looking motion and facial capture gear required to get a fully accurate performance.

This new bts video for Killzone 3 should be interesting for all the legions of gamers that are beyond hyped for the game, but it is a bit short and is about two steps away from being a fluff piece.  Despite the abbreviated nature of the video, it’s still nice to see both Winstone and McDowell talk about their roles and see a genuine level of enthusiasm, especially for McDowell who up until now hadn’t dabbled in motion and facial capture acting.  I know gamers still have their doubts as to whether Killzone 3 will deliver on all fronts (single-player campaign and multiplayer modes) but at least it’s guaranteed that the acting will be of a high quality considering Winstone and McDowell have been in the acting business for over 60 years combined along with just being awesome and having cool British accents.