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BioShock Infinite Gameplay Video First Look

When 2K games announced their newest project, BioShock Infinite, I was so excited that I used LSD for the first time to see if it could match the euphoria that I was feeling for this new game. Sadly it didn't.

Aaah the spiders are back!

BioShock Infinite takes place during the year 1912 and the story unfolds aboard a magnificent city in the sky called "Columbia". Basically the game appears to be somewhat of a prequel to the first 2 BioShocks but only time will tell if these two universes will actually have some connection to each other.

In the video we see the main character, Agent Booker DeWitt who sent by the US government, traversing Columbia as it is in the midst of a civil war. Along the way he meets the mysterious Elizabeth and teams up with her extraordinary powers, helps DeWitt battle some blood thirsty civilians and a Handyman.

You can clearly see some parallels between the two BioShock worlds within video. One of the most noticeable similarity is the inclusion of the "Plasmids" powers. We see glimpses of shock, telekinesis and a new power that involves summoning a swarm of crows being used in the gameplay footage.

BioShock Infinite is scheduled to be release in 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC