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Black Rock Shooter: The Game revealed (it's a JRPG shooting game!)

Despite my fandom of anime, I had no clue what the hell Black Rock Shooter was.  The name itself is rather enigmatic compared to other anime shows. Is Black Rock Shooter another mech series or is it some fantasy based anime series with a comedic side?  Well Black Rock Shooter is neither of those and now I finally know what the hell the show is about since the series is coming to the PSP in the form of Black Rock Shooter: The Game.

Announced by Japanese developer Imageepoch during a special conference last night, Black Rock Shooter: The Game will follow the same bleak plot established in the Black Rock Shooter anime.  It’s the year 2051 and humanity has been nearly extinct after aliens attacked Earth.  And by saying humanity is nearly extinct I mean that as only twelve survivors remain to stand up against their invaders and save what’s left of humanity.

Black Rock Shooter: The Game will be a mix of JRPG and shooting elements, some of which appear to be fps segments based on the teaser trailer Imageepoch released.  It’ll be interesting how BRS: The Game plays as it’ll be released exclusively on the PSP next Summer in Japan. We all know that shooting games on the PSP can be a bit iffy so I’m interested to see how Imageepoch will fair with Black Rock Shooter since there always seems to be a disconnect with Japanese developers when working on 3rd person/fps shooting games.

For being someone who never knew about Black Rock Shooter, I must admit that trailer for the game did hook me in quite a bit. Visually the game looks good and I’m a sucker for any game or anime that features crazy action, a bleak story and just so happens to feature a female protagonist that wields big guns while dressed in bikini like attire. I’m just that kind of chap.