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The Box Art For Resistance 3 Is Nothing But Pure Class

Box art is usually nothing to get excited about these days since most of the time what's offered is simply horrendous.  To fit the mantra of most games or what is assumed to be desired by gamers, publishers often give us box art with the obligatory hero striking a badass pose and/or blasting some enemies.  Either that or we see box art that follows the blue & orange color scheme that seems to be widespread in both the video game and movie biz.

SCE and Insomniac Games on the other hand have delivered some box art that is completely original and could end up being the best that’s offered this year.  Following up the somewhat cliché and bland looking box art for Resistance 2, Insomniac Games has partnered with acclaimed artist Olly Moss to create the box art for Resistance 3.  Instead of featuring Resistance 3 protagonist Joseph Cappelli battling a Chimera, the art shows a simple image of a Chimera skull atop a bright orange backdrop.  The box art isn’t completely simple though as it’s accented by a clever design which has a city silhouette (including the Statue of Liberty) forming the teeth of the Chimeran skull.

Compared to what was offered for Resistance 2 and what we usually see on the market, I’m totally digging the cover for Resistance 3.  Slightly evoking the simplicity of ads and war posters from the 1940s and 1950s, the box art should really stick out on retail shelves (you know aside from the fact that it has bright orange on it) and I think it does justice to what the Resistance franchise is all about.

Along with the cover art, Olly also designed several alt pieces, one of which you can see below.  Perhaps the image featuring Cappelli walking towards the city would be a better fit, but if Insomniac offers either of Olly’s designs as large scale print art then I’m all good as I can appreciate some classy video game art.