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A Celeb Voiced Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Skin Is Now Being Given Away For Free! (Good news if you're an Ice-T fan)

Gears of War 3 is easily going to be one of the biggest games to be released this year due to a variety of reasons.  Not only is it supposed to be the last chapter in the current Gears story but the multiplayer mode actually looks fun instead of being a janky mess and as always there’s an abundant amount of violence and gore.  Gears 3 may still be a month away from being released, but gamers can get a little bonus of sorts now since Epic Games is giving away voucher codes for a bonus character skin.

Perhaps one of the oddest things about Gears of War 3 is the celeb talent that’s involved includes one rising rap star and another rap legend. I’m of course referring to teen actor turned rapper Drake and rapper turned actor Ice-T.  Beyond just creating an original song for Gears 3, Ice-T will also be lending his voice in the game and now gamers can get the multiplayer skin for the Ice T voiced character for absolutely free.

In order to unlock the sunglass wearing COG soldier Griffin all gamers need to do is stroll over to the Gears 3 Facebook page, Like It and a DLC voucher code is instantly yours.  Yeah, the whole thing of having to like the Gears 3 page in order to get the Griffin skin may seem like an easy marketing ploy by Microsoft/Epic Games, but at least it’s better than having to pre-order Gears 3 from a specific retailer.  And plus, if you’re really set on receiving the Griffin skin you’re probably a huge Gears fan or adore Ice-T, even if he portrayed a talking warrior kangaroo in the god awful Tank Girl movie.

As a self-professed gamer, Ice-T’s inclusion in Gears of War 3 doesn’t feel shoehorned as has been the case with other celeb tie-ins for hot video games.  I’m still not ready to put the Gears 3 song Ice-T created on my Walkman X just yet, but I do think his Gears 3 collaboration has been fine so far, even if it doesn’t include his lovely wife Coco.