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Clash of the Titans - The Video Game premier trailer


Last week Clash of the Titans was released in theaters in North America and I was one of the many who saw the film.  Being a huge fan of Greek mythology I was rather hyped for Clash but sadly I left the theater extremely underwhelmed and disappointed.  The video game adaptation of Clash looks to be everything the movie wasn’t: colorful, epic, action-packed and filled with a deep roster of mythological baddies.

In the past I’ve commented on how I was impressed with how the game was shaping up based on the countless screens we’ve seen. Watching this premier trailer I’m honestly a bit shocked at how good it looks. Graphically the game looks good in motion and unless it controls like an abomination I see no reason why Clash shouldn’t be a good alternative to God of War 3. But there’s always the off chance that Clash could end up being like Dante’s Inferno, which given the art design and premise would be a damn shame.

Clash of the Titans: The Video Game is set for release in July.