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Dead Space 3 May Be Reinventing Itself [Rumor]

Last week we received some rather uneventful news from certain outlets concerning the “surprise” reveal of Dead Space 3.  Seeing a mere logo and some possible concept art from a video isn’t that much to get excited about especially since it was confirmed ages ago that Dead Space 3 was going to happen due to the huge success Dead Space 2 received (the game sold 2 million units).  But hyping up small stuff is just part of the game biz right?

Anyway, while EA and Visceral Games haven’t formally announced Dead Space 3, the game will likely be a late 2012/early 2013 title, some supposed plot details have leaked via Siliconera.  According to a source in the know within the confines of EA, Dead Space 3 will see Isaac Clarke return to kill more Necromorphs but there’s a catch: he’s no longer on a massive spaceship.  Supposedly Isaac’s journey, which of course has an unfortunate start, takes him to a snowy planet that just so happens to be overrun with Necromorphs.  The planet, Tau Volantis, isn’t devoid of life as Isaac’s goal is to rescue survivors inhabiting an outpost and figure out the full mystery behind the Necromorph presence which according to Siliconera’s informant are being called the “hive mind”.  The exact evolution of the Necromorphs and this new “hive mind” weren’t elaborated on, but it would be interesting to see everything evolve a bit and perhaps see a new level of depth given to the Necro’s and the Markers.

Isaac’s journey in Dead Space 3 may continue the trend of his bad luck with women as he’ll come across Ellie, who some of you may remember as being one of the survivors from Dead Space 2.  Eventually Isaac and Ellie come across Jennifer, a completely new character in the Dead Space universe.  Jennifer’s background wasn’t fleshed out by Siliconera’s insider, but one of her primary goals in the game is to reverse engineer research by a group called Rosetta in order to locate a codex of some sort. I’m sure there’ll be some wide arching Unitology/Marker cross-over concerning the Rosetta group and the sought after codex.

It wasn’t revealed if the entirety of Dead Space 3 will be set on Tau Volantis, but seeing as how Isaac will supposedly don a special snow suit (which likely will have a visor strip helmet), I have a feeling we may not go space bound at all.  Opting to go for the chilly confines of a planet would be a nice change of pace for Dead Space, but not having any zero-gravity sequences or space battles would be a bit of a disappointment considering how cool they were in Dead Space 2. Having Isaac traverse an icy planet may not sound like the best thing ever, but it may possibly present some cool gameplay mechanics (hypothermia, more hallucinations) and would present a vibe akin to the cult horror film “The Thing.

No additional details were given for Dead Space 3, but the game may be a likely candidate for a Spike VGA reveal this December.