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Dragon's Lair Trilogy announced for the Wii

For all the younglings out there who began playing video games on the PS2, Gamecube or even the Xbox 360 this news will surely not mean a damn thing. But for those older games or enthusiasts of all things video game related, then this is one of those rare occasions where the wishes of the community have finally come true.

You see, back in the day i.e. the 1980s, there was this popular video game called Dragon’s Lair.  Instead of featuring the standard computer generated graphics, Dragon’s Lair featured lush cell-animation as the game ran off the now ancient Laser Disc format. Essentially Dragon’s Lair was a massive QTE game, something that was way ahead of its time. 

Now after more than 25 years, Dragon’s Lair is coming back to video gamers thanks to a Wii re-release of the two classic Dragon’s Lair games.  Brought to us via Destineer, Dragon’s Lair Trilogy for the Wii isn’t exactly a pure trilogy per say. It will include both Dragon’s Lair 1&2, but it’ll also include the added bonus of Space Ace, another Laser Disc game much in the same vein of Dragon’s Lair.

All three games will feature remastered animation, “authentic” arcade gameplay, and a Watch Mode in which players can view all the animated scenes without actually playing the game. All of this will only cost gamers $29 when it ships later this year exclusively for the Wii.

The market for a collection such as this is obviously a bit limited but given the extremely lush animation of all three games, there’s the off chance it could catch on amongst the Wii audience.  Now all we need is a proper Dragon’s Lair sequel made for the PS3/360 featuring stunning cell shading ala Naruto or the Level 5/Studio Ghibli game.