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An Epic Mickey spin-off was being prepped for the Nintendo 3DS

Disney Interactive took a gamble of sorts with Disney Epic Mickey for the Wii and based on the news of late it looks like the gamble may not have paid off.  So far Disney Epic Mickey has performed admirable at retail but the game hasn’t gone on to become the multi-million unit seller Disney had hoped it would be so in the eyes of a corporation the game could be viewed as a disappointment.  Besides being a game, Disney Epic Mickey was also meant to relaunch Mickey Mouse to a new audience and possibly spin-off into new movies and other merchandise – all of which is TBA at this point.

Before all the drama went down with Disney Interactive laying people off and reportedly changing their focus as a publisher, the studio was prepping an Epic Mickey spin-off for the Nintendo 3DS.  The news of the Epic Mickey franchise expanding to Nintendo’s hotly awaited handheld comes from a source who tipped us about the situation, but given the recent events that have transpired with Disney Interactive, it remains to be seen if such a project is still on the cards.

So what will Epic Mickey’s adventure be on the 3DS?  Given how Epic Mickey heavily utilized the mechanic of paint & thinner using the Wiimote as a pointer, one could assume that such a similar mechanic may be used on the 3DS but with a stylus replacing the Wiimote.  Well that wasn’t going to be the crux of Epic Mickey’s gameplay on the 3DS as the core feature was going to be 3D manipulation.  In an almost brilliant move, our source claims that the gameplay of Epic Mickey was going to require the player to change the amount of 3D on the screen, using the 3D slider on the 3DS, to solve puzzles and other challenges that were presented.

Aside from the 3D manipulation Epic Mickey was said to be similar to what was presented on the Wii (Mickey travelling to different worlds, hub areas) but Junction Point weren’t pegged to develop the project and instead Warren Spector was merely overseeing Mickey’s foray onto the 3DS.

Our source didn’t tell us when Disney Epic Mickey 3DS was planned for release but the game was still in the early stages of development. With Disney Interactive shifting their focus towards digital distribution it’s unclear if Epic Mickey will still grace 3DS gamers with its presence or if the game has been canned.