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Europe Gets A Rather Extensive Resistance 3 Collector's Edition

For a lot of us video games are a deep passion that goes beyond just spending a few hours a day playing GTAIV, Madden or Killzone 3.  Personally speaking, I can attest to how video games are a major hobby of mine and how I have no problem laying down the bucks when required to pick up something that appeals to me. This generation it seems like publishers have finally realized just how major the fandom of video game fans is since we’ve seen an almost non-stop flow of specialty SKUs for major games. In the PlayStation 2 generation Sony rarely offered any special releases for their 1st party games outside of Japan but with the PS3 it’s almost common place for a major 1st party game to have a rather kick-ass special edition, the latest of which being Resistance 3.

To go along with the major overhaul the third entry in the Resistance franchise is receiving, Sony and Insomniac Games have put together a rather extensive Special Edition that may be a bit kitschy but it’s still cool nonetheless.  Set to release in Europe (more on the region thing in just a bit) is the Resistance 3 Survivor Edition.

With one of the core themes of Resistance 3 being about humanities struggle to survive against the ever growing hordes of Chimera, the Survivor Edition has a few items that gamers may actually use if an alien invasion ever becomes a reality. Included in the Resistance 3 Survivor Edition is a nice high-end looking canvas bag with the Res 3 logo in a nice location that doesn’t immediately make the bag look like an obvious video-game tie-in product.  But the useful items don’t stop at a mere canvas bag as the Survivor Edition also comes with a SRPA flask, which hopefully will be made out of a nice quality metal as opposed to being a mere tin.

A bag and a flask may be silly to include in a specialty SKU for a video game, but as we all know most gamers love cool stuff that allows them to show off their fandom while not being too obvious or completely silly. And who knows, maybe one day you’ll whip out that SRPA flask and a lovely lady/chap will be intrigued by it thus a conversation can start up. Yeah, such a thing may be a pipe dream but we can’t give up hope can we?

The Resistance 3 Survivor Edition also includes several other items which are kitschier in their nature like a bag of Freedom Fighter toys which are just small figures of a Chimera soldier and Joseph Capelli done in an Army Men style.  Additional items in the Survivor Edition are a deck of SRPA playing cards (so you can be entertained during the alien apocalypse), a journal of Joseph Capelli (hopefully it looks like this) and Chimera firing range target. I don’t know what most people will do with the firing range target, but I guess you can always use your pellet or paintball gun on it if you’re truly tempted to.

The only downside to the Resistance 3 Survivor Edition is that it’s only slated to appear in Europe as of now. I know that my fellow PlayStation fanboys and video game collector’s may be crying at the news, but maybe we just ought to wait a bit more for a North American confirmation.  What has been announced for North America today is a series of retailer specific pre-order bonuses for Resistance 3 which ranges from the fuel grenades (, an infected Nathan Hale multiplayer skin (Best Buy) and an actual Chimera tooth necklace (GameStop).  A mere Chimera tooth necklace may not sound appealing compared to a bag or a flask, but we’ll just have to make due for now.

Resistance 3 will be available to gamers in North America on September 6th and it’ll be appearing in Europe on September 7th while the United Kingdom receives it two days later on September 9th.