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European Gran Turismo 5 Special Editions revealed (they're awesome)

Sony is all about releasing special edition skus for their top franchises and of course we’re getting one for Gran Turismo 5. After nearly half a decade, we’re getting a proper GT game for the PS3 and to celebrate this Sony is of going all out. In June the North American special edition for GT5 was revealed and included things such as a 1:43 scale die cast Nissan GT-R Spec, a massive 300-page book and vouchers for five DLC cars. But the GT5 goodness isn’t just limited to North America as our friends across the pond in Europe are getting their own collectible, albeit highly priced, items.

Set to release in Europe is the Gran Turismo 5 Signature Edition. With a classy name like that one would expect a decent amount of high-end products and as a whole the package delivers that. Included in the Signature Edition is a miniature SLS AMG (1:43 scale), a GT branded wallet so you can be a true gentleman and car connoisseur, a USB key with a Mercedes-Benz trailer (classiness to the max), and a GT metal key fob. 

Gran Turismo branded items aren’t the only things included as a book depicting the various cars and locales will also be included.  To top things off, an issue of Apex magazine will also be included so gamers can see how they can improve their game along with learning of the latest happenings in the auto industry.

The sheer opulence of the Signature Edition doesn’t end there as gamers who pick up the package will also have access to eleven DLC cars. But the coolest thing about the Signature Edition is that everyone who purchases it will receive an entry card for a special GT competition. The competition isn't just limited to the virtual roads of GT5 as the event will be a combination of virtual and real life racing challenges. The top racer of this GT5 competition will receive a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, one of the classiest cars ever made.

Purchasing the Signature Edition will come with a price at it’ll retail for 179.99 Euros. Even when you convert that price to dollars it’s a hell of a sum but the Signature Edition will reportedly be made in very small quantities. So if you want a limited piece of GT history along with a shot at winning a real car, then it might be worth the investment.

For those gamers on a budget Sony will also be releasing the Gran Turismo 5 Collector’s Edition which comes with a special case, an issue of Apex magazine, and five DLC cars. The Collector’s Edition will retail for 79.99 Euros.

[Via the European PlayStation Blog]