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The fighting styles of Black Leopard (Yakuza PSP) are revealed

After having watched both of the “Election” movies I’m in a mood for Asian gangster action.  Thankfully I’ll be able to unleash some brutal violence and experience gangster drama when and wherever I want with Yakuza’s debut on the PSP in Black Leopard: A New Tale of Yakuza.

For those who haven’t been following the game, Black Leopard is a new installment of the Yakuza franchise featuring a new protagonist.  With a focus on a young lad who has anger issues (and a rad haircut and outfit) Black Leopard looks to doing a few things differently compared to the previous Yakuza games. But things won’t be too radically different as gamers can still beat the crap out of people and this time they have different fighting styles at their disposal.

Maybe it’s just me but the fact that I’ll be able to use boxing, karate and wrestling to take out fellow gangsters makes me tingle with excitement.  Sure, Kazuma (the protag from the PS3 Yakuza series) is a fighting master but I’m interested to see what the young hellion in Black Leopard is capable of.  And for the first time in the Yakuza franchise gamers will be able to partake in co-op and competitive fighting.  Details on the extent of the multiplayer fighting are unknown but it’ll be via ad-hoc play.

Lastly, a mini-game has been confirmed and gamers will once again be able to partake in batting cages similar to Yakuza PS3.  Oh, there’s also going to be buxom ladies and strippers too.  Previously the thought amongst many was that Black Leopard would never see a release outside of Japan but with Sega announcing Yakuza 4 for North America and Europe maybe we’ll get lucky with Black Leopard as well.