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First details on the multiplayer aspect of Bioshock 2

This generation it seems like if your game doesn’t have some sort of multiplayer or co-op mode then it’s a complete failure to the fans and reviewers will automatically dock points from the review score, even if having a multiplayer mode completely clashes with the core gameplay and theme of the game.

One of the upcoming games that have caved in to the demands of having a multiplayer mode is Bioshock 2. While we know some details about BS2 such as players assuming the role of the first Big Daddy and taking on the mysterious and extremely agile Big Sister we now have our first info on what we can expect from the multiplayer component of the game.

Developer Digital Extremes (Dark Sector) will be working with Bioshock 2 developer 2K Marin in bringing the world of Rapture for players to enjoy in a multiplayer arena.  Details are still a bit scarce and there isn’t any media for the MP modes yet but we do have an idea as to what we can expect. 

It seems like BS2 is going to be pulling a page from Call of Duty 4 as players will be able to use XP they gain to purchase new weapons, Plasmids and tonics. This will allow players to create a unique character and tailor it to their play style instead of players assuming the role of Splicer #2 with standard shank weapon.

The interesting thing that the MP mode features is that some, it’s not clear if it’ll be all, of the maps take place before Rapture became the mess it is now.  So players will get a chance to see the beauty of the underwater city before it fell to the power of Adam and the demented minds of some of the characters we encountered in the first Bioshock.

The MP mode also promises to expand the story and mythology of Bioshock by giving new details on the fall of Rapture. Obviously this will be achieved since players will be playing in Rapture before it fell but it wasn’t made clear if these new story elements will merely be done through documents the player can pick up along the journey, similar to the Resistance 2 co-op, or if a story with a true narrative will be made for certain MP modes.

So far things seem to be going good for Bioshock 2’s MP modes as Digital Extremes is a competent developer and the inclusion of players being able to see Rapture before it fell is certainly something that will please the hardcore fans. Ultimately it’s just a matter of the core gameplay being compelling and balanced to keep players interested and I’m sure we’ll get new details at E3 next month.