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First Details On The Multiplayer Mode of Resistance 3 Aren't Disappointing At All

So far Insomniac Games has done a good job mending the damage that was caused by Resistance 2 when it comes to discussing Resistance 3, the forthcoming and possible final installment in the core Resistance franchise.  Resistance 2 by no means was a horrendous game, but in respect to the first Resistance it just seemed like Insomniac tried to do too much in R2 and it ultimately bit them in the ass.  The prospect of having epic 60-player multiplayer battles in locales like an American forest seemed like it was a good idea, but ultimately things were messy and often muddled compared to the cohesive battles found in Resistance 1.

Despite the advances that have been made in the Resistance 3 single-player experience, there were still a lot of questions as to whether the multiplayer side of things would come through in the end. Well I think things are looking good for Resistance 3 as Insomniac Games have revealed the first details on the multiplayer mode of R3 and yes, we’re going to be getting a beta in the next few months.  Insomniac has made a lot of changes to the multiplayer mode of R3, the biggest of which is that the game will now feature 16-player battles.  Gone are the days of 40-player matches from the first Resistance game and good riddance to the crowded 60-player matches that riddled and somewhat ruined the online offerings of Resistance 2.  So in R3 things are going to be intimate as it’s going to be eight human players going up against eight Chimera players in the hopes of coming out victorious.

As Insomniac’s awesome Community Manager James Stevenson said on the PlayStation Blog, the shift in player size for R3 is meant to provide a better experience for all involved and to go back to the good old days of Resistance multiplayer action like that found on the Busyard map from R1.  The fact that Insomniac is aiming to deliver an experience similar to that found on the Busyard map has me really excited as that was by far one of the best maps in the game.

The co-op mode from Resistance 2 may be missing in action in Resistance 3, but part of it will live on through the new player ranking/progression system that’s featured in the competitive multiplayer mode.  Just like R2’s co-op mode, gamers can decide how they want their character to evolve by choosing different abilities which in turn can be upgraded. The abilities, which range from offensive and defensive, won’t just be beneficial to you as an individual but your team as a whole since certain abilities includes dropping ammo for teammates or enhancing the radar of your team.

Gamers will also be able to choose specific character traits like being able to reload faster, along with the opportunity to alter their appearance, thus providing some much needed individuality to the tense multiplayer battles.  Insomniac is trying to tailor the multiplayer action of Resistance 3 so much to old-school players that they’re even implementing the text chat lobby that was featured and used to death in the first Resistance game. A release date for the multiplayer beta has yet to be announced but with R3 set for release in September, we’re likely to see the beta begin in either late May or June, so as to not overlap with the Infamous 2 beta that’s set for April.

If the multiplayer mode of Resistance 3 turns out to be as focused as it sounds to be, then Insomniac could have the complete Resistance experience on track again after the slight hiccup that was Resistance 2.