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First Footage of Kratos Unleashing His Fury and Rage in Mortal Kombat

When it was revealed back in December that Kratos would be joining the combatants in the newest Mortal Kombat game, I think some gamers didn’t know what to expect.  We’ve already seen Kratos pop up in a fighting game before (Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny) but that appearance wasn’t really the best and the thinking amongst some gamers was that Sony may have finally been whoring our favorite war god a bit too much.

I expect the somewhat skeptical opinion gamers have concerning Kratos’ MK appearance to wane seeing as how we have the first footage of him in the game.  I think a lot of the concern people had over Kratos concerned how the team at NetherRealm Studios would translate his moves and general combat style.  The God of War games offer a very fast and visceral combat experience that allows you to switch up weapons on the fly, grapple enemies and do QTE moves, stuff you generally can’t do in a 1 vs. 1 fighting game.  Well NetherRealm Studios has surprised us all with how they’ve translated Kratos as this new gameplay video shows him switching up between four different weapons and he even pulls off a QTE move.  Basically, if you’re a God of War fan you should be pleased with how Kratos looks in MK as he’s up to his general badass ways.

Maybe it’s just how the video was edited, but I’m wondering if Kratos will end up being a bit overpowered compared to the rest of the MK cast. With such a diverse moves set that includes fast dash abilities, slow motion jump moves and special QTE grab attacks, Kratos could end up being a go-to character for experienced fighting game veterans who want to unleash a massive whooping upon their enemies.  As a huge God of War fan I’m happy to see that Kratos’ integrity hasn’t been compromised in any way be being in the new MK game and it’s not that off-putting to see him battling Sindel or Ermac.

To some fans out there Mortal Kombat may have still jumped the shark by including Kratos but in the end I think he’ll end up being one of the many reasons why the new MK game could be the most entertaining fighting game released this year.

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