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Gears of War 3 Collector's Edition Is Cool But Typically Pricey

It’s a prerequisite at this point that every major game receives a special release SKU that either has cool stuff to justify the $40 bump in price or is so woefully put together that it’s clear the publisher merely wants some easy money at the hands of overzealous fans.  Gears of War 3 is shaping up to be another big game for the Xbox 360 and to celebrate the end of the core Gears trilogy, Microsoft and Epic Games have prepped not just one but two rather cool special release SKUs.

Slated to appear this September is the Gears 3 Limited and Epic Edition, both of which will respectively cost gamers a little extra moolah to purchase.  Included in the Gears of War 3 Limited Edition is an unlockable Adam Fenix character skin for use in the many multiplayer modes.  But accessing the Adam Fenix character skin is not done through a typical way such as a simple paper download voucher but instead it’s offered through an engraving. Gamers can find their Adam Fenix character code engraved on the Octus Service Medal that’s also included in the Limited Edition.  Housed in the Octus Award Box, the medal itself is a 1:1 replica and it ought to make for a good showpiece for the many Gears fans out there given its importance in the series.

Other things included in the Limited Edition for Gears fans to geek out over is a fabric COG flag (it wasn’t mentioned if the flag is to scale or is a mere bandana of sorts) which I’m sure will soon find a place on the walls of dudebro gamers out there.  To further give the Limited Edition that personal touch, the Last Will and Testament of Adam Fenix is also being included. I don’t know what sort of material or how deep this final message from Adam Fenix will be, but it will include a schematic for the powerful Hammer of Dawn weapon.

For the gamers who want to go all out and further expand their collection of video game based statues, gamers can give the Gears of War 3 Epic Edition a shot. Including all the content that the Limited Edition has, the Epic Edition (isn’t this the 2nd Epic Edition we’ve gotten this year?) includes a massive 11” inch Marcus Fenix statue.  Featuring Marcus in a stoic kneeling pose, I’ll admit that the statue looks incredibly badass and I’m not even a Gears mega-fan at all.  Yeah, at this point I’m sure some gamers out there may be running out of space to put their Halo kitty helmet or their Helghast dwarf helmet, but I’m sure people will find a place to put the Marcus Fenix statue since it deserves to be displayed someplace, much to the chagrin of your significant other.

The Epic Edition also includes several other pieces of tantalizing content which includes a 96-page book that includes art and interviews about Gears 3 along with the Infected Omen Weapon Pack which consists of custom skins for the key multiplayer weapons (shotgun, Lancer, etc.).  The Gears 3 Epic Edition may not be breaking any new ground as far as what’s being offered, but it’s still a nice package that I think hardcore fans of the series will appreciate.

A short video showcasing the Marcus Fenix Epic Edition statue.

The big kicker for the Gears 3 Limited and Epic Editions is that they live up to the tired cliché of being overly pricey.  Gamers who want to opt for the Limited Edition will have to lay down $80 while the Epic Edition costs a whopping $150, a price that is almost justified by the Marcus Fenix statue.  I guess since this is supposed to be the end of the Gears of War trilogy the series might as well go out with a massive bang with a specialty SKU that has a price that may make some people a bit dizzy upon hearing the price.

Gears of War 3 will be emerging on the Xbox 360 on September 20th.