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God of War teaser site updated

God of War 3 may have ended on a pretty resounding note but the franchise is far from over. Soon after GOW3 was released, by soon I mean mere days later, a mysterious site appeared named Spartans Stand Tall.  With nothing more than a rainy dark landscape there wasn’t a lot to gather from this teaser site.

Now Spartans Stand Tall has been updated with a mysterious figure looking down at the ground.  Only the back of this “mystery” man’s head is visible but thanks to some lightning flashes his reflection is seen off the puddles of rain below him. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me but the mystery man seems to be Kratos.  With the bald head and “I’m going to rip your head off” face it’s hard to imagine that this isn’t Kratos.

Even with this teaser update we’re still back to square 1 as we have no idea what Spartans Stand Tall is. Could GOW be making a return to the PSP or is the series perhaps headed to the PSN?  Knowing what Sony and Sony Santa Monica has given us in the past I’m sure we’re going to get something awesome.

But the question remains if we’re going to get too much GOW goodness too soon after GOW3.  I guess we’ll find out soon since I expect big updates for Spartans Stand Tall around E3.