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Has an actor for Green Lantern been found?

With superhero movies still being a box office draw Warner Brothers and DC are hoping to have another “Dark Knight” style hit on their hands with the upcoming film adaptation of Green Lantern.

The film will be going with the “Silver Age” Green Lantern which has test pilot Hal Jordan being bestowed a ring by a dying alien. Hal soon finds out that this ring and corresponding lantern can give him multiple abilities including being able to fly and essentially being a general badass.  Hal also finds out that having this ring and being a Green Lantern makes him part of the Green Lantern Corp. which is an intergalactic police force.

Currently the film is planned to start filming later this summer in Australia but aside from Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) being announced as the director things have been extremely quiet on the project. There have been a few rumors as to who would don the ring such as Chris Pine (Capt. Kirk in the upcoming Star Trek film) and Anton Yelchin (Kyle Reese in Terminator Salvation) but both actors have denied being with the project.

It seems like there is another contender for the role of the Green Lantern who could end up getting the role. Entertainment site HitFix is reporting that actor Bradley Cooper is very close to getting the role. Bradley can be seen in the upcoming comedy “The Hangover” which has been getting rave reviews so far and those who have seen the film say that Bradley is the breakout star in it. While some may be a bit skeptical if Bradley can pull off a serious type of role I suggest they check out the film “Midnight Meat Train” which definitely shows off his darker and more serious edge.

Right now Bradley hasn’t officially signed the contract and there could still be a few other competitors for the role but it seems like Bradley is definitely the #1 contender so far.

So will the Green Lantern be another good DC movie or will it go the way of “Superman Returns” and have a few good moments but be ruined by a muddled and boring story? Hopefully we’ll get a cast announcement soon, perhaps at the San Diego Comic Con in July.