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Have Some Characters In Batman: Arkham City Finally Been Revealed? [RUMOR]

In terms of keeping a project completely sealed from any potential leaks, the job that developer Rocksteady and WB Games has done so far in regards to Batman: Arkham City is almost on the same caliber as what Rockstar Games typically does with their productions.  Since the new adventure of the Dark Knight was unveiled last Summer, we really haven’t heard a peep about what the game has in store for us aside from a few basic gameplay additions and how the maniacal Dr. Hugo Strange would be causing our favorite vigilante some trouble.

Rocksteady haven’t completely kept us in the dark though as they have given us a few small character teasers along with revealing new villains like Two-Face and Catwoman but other than that any details on the game have been on an Arkham Asylum type level 4 lockdown.  But here we are, a somewhat measly week in February, a full eight months away from when Batman: Arkham City could possibly be released and we have what could be some firm character details.

So here’s the lowdown: right now in New York the annual Toy Fair event is being held in which various manufactures show off their latest products, some ranging from the latest Cabbage Patch dolls to stuff gamers are interested in like the Gears of War 3 line from NECA.  Among the latest products set to consume our bank account savings is a new line of Batman: Arkham City figures from DC Direct.  We’ve already gotten a series of action figures from DC Direct for Batman: Arkham Asylum and now we’re getting a new series to place in glass cabinets much to the dismay of our girlfriend or boyfriend.  Apparently thanks to an early preview showing, some of the characters included in the Arkham City line have been revealed, the most notable of which are The Riddler and Batman’s former partner but now modern day ninja Nightwing.

We already got a confirmation that The Riddler would be involved in Arkham City as he would be the man issuing Batman a new series of bonus side challenges through various phone booths scattered around the now criminal infested portion of Gotham City.  But we now have what could be our first look at the design for The Riddler in Arkham City based on a small image that has been leaked from the preview showing. Keeping in tune with his core comic representation, the Riddler looks pretty good in what appears to be a dark green suit, though it remains to be seen if we’ll see him pop on a bowler hat or use a cane at some point when he crosses paths with Batman.

The reveal of Nightwing is the big news in a way as just like The Riddler, the image shown of him appears to be taken from a piece of in-game art/character model from Arkham City.  Minus some hair trimming, Nightwing has his classic black and blue costume from the comics which is nice to see.  Ever since Batman: Arkham City was announced there have been rumors that Robin would pop-up, perhaps offering a much desired co-op mechanic, but we may not get to see the Boy Wonder in action but the more mature and sometimes emo Nightwing, who at times is quite resentful towards Batman/Bruce Wayne.

As of now the news concerning this Arkham City figure series (which also contains Batman, Catwoman and The Joker) is legit as it was confirmed via a retail listing prior to this latest Toy Fair reveal leak.  The series of figures for Batman: Arkham Asylum were all based on characters that appeared in the game and didn’t include any non-cannon characters or designs, as some toy series tend to do.  So unless DC Direct is trolling all of us, it looks like Batman may have some support in Arkham City thanks to Nightwing.  We should have an official confirmation of the series and proper promotional images this week once Toy Fair officially kicks off and maybe if we're lucky we'll finally find out some new details on Batman: Arkham City.


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