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The hero of Sky Night Rodea is revealed + a few small in-game screens

We already have a few basic details on Sky Knight Rodea, the latest game from Sonic creator Yuji Naka and his team at Prope.  The prospect of playing a game that revolves around aerial based combat could be fun but some people out there were waiting to see what the game actually looks like before jumping on the “Yuji Naka will forever be awesome” bandwagon.

What we have today for Sky Knight Rodea doesn’t give us an in-depth look, but it still offers a picture of what sort of game Prope is aiming for – which looks to be somewhat traditional.  As of now, we only have a few character images and three very small screens of actual gameplay, both of which can be seen below.  Maybe some will look at this as an issue, but the character designs for Sky Knight Rodea have that oh so familiar slightly overly cute anime design that we’ve seen pop up for what seems like a lifetime.  The game has the tough hero, the presumably spunky female companion and the innocent damsel in distress – or at least that’s what I perceive upon looking at the character designs. Basic character design 101 to the max.

It should also be noted that despite appearing human, Rodea (the dude with the white hair) is actually a robot. I don’t know if that was obvious to you but the tail that looks like an electronics plug should’ve been a sign of that.  The plot of Sky Knight Rodea still hasn’t been detailed yet but one has to assume that it’ll be the somewhat standard “Hero must save the land from the evil robots” or something along those lines.  That’ll be totally fine with me as long as the game is fun to play and isn’t saddled with control issues.

More info on Sky Knight Rodea should be available later this week and we may even get a trailer soon via the official site for the game.