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Hideo Kojima discusses his next game on Twitter. OMG it has to be ZoE3 right?

Maybe it’s time to dial things back when it comes to getting hyped over Twitter news. Sure, every now and then we get some good stuff but we’re just setting ourselves up for disappointment the more we invest into Twitter updates. A prime example of this is the latest post from the legendary Hideo Kojima. On his English Twitter profile Mr. Kojima posted the following:

[quote=Hideo Kojima] I’m pondering over the next project’s voice cast. I still do not have the details embedded, but everything is running simultaneously in my head.  The title, game design, story, characters, setting, mechs, casting, direction of the graphics, sound, beginning & ending, and key story sequences. It all molds together naturally in my head.[/quote]

The mere mention of mechs in Mr. Kojima’s post has led many to jump to the assumption that this is referring to Zone of the Enders 3. Uh, is it just me or is that a bit silly? I know everyone is dying to see ZoE3 pop up in some capacity and I’m one of those people. But thinking or at least hoping that Kojima and his team are doing ZoE3 based on that Twitter post is just a bit much. I mean after all hasn’t every Kojima game involved a mech?  For all we know Kojima is simply planning yet another MGS game or maybe he’s gone batsh!t insane and is planning on a Boktai sequel with vampires who control mechs.

So for the time being I think everyone shouldn’t board the Orbital Frame hype machine just yet. It would be cool if ZoE3 is announced but if it isn’t and despite how amazing Kojima’s other project is, we’re all going to end up crying in the corner.

But I’m still hoping Kojima makes a fps and it happens to be a Coded Arms Assault revival. It has to happen eventually right?

[Via Andriasang]