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Hideo Kojima Posts A Somewhat Vauge And Depressing Tweet (It's not a game tease)

The world of Hideo Kojima may be in disarray at the moment based on a series of Tweets the acclaimed developer has recently made.  Most of us are familiar with Kojima’s style of Twitter posts which are either teases of his upcoming projects, his thoughts on food, or what movies/music he’s appreciating at the moment. But today Kojima has posted some rather dire Tweets which may not bode well for a project the famed creator of Metal Gear Solid was working on.

Outside of announcing his involvement on Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 3DS and his minor role on Metal Gear Rising, Kojima has been rather quiet as to what he’s working on.  Over the many months there have been rumors that Kojima was working on another MGS game (MGS5 perhaps) or was doing something entirely different like his rumored Devil project.  But whatever Kojima was working on may have been given the boot as the following Tweet was made:

[quote=Hideo Kojima]What I prepared minutely spending a year became meaningless.[/quote]

Such a Tweet may seem like it’s a bit of a downer, but here’s he real doozy:

[quote=Hideo Kojima]I cannot bear, and cannot be positive.[/quote]

Out of the many Tweets Kojima has shared with us over the past year or so, the one above is probably the saddest one he has ever posted.  Kojima hasn’t made any new Tweets since he posted the two listed above, so he has yet to elaborate on what exactly has put him in a funk and I honestly don’t think he will.  With Kojima perhaps having a few key prototypes going on at Konami it could be possible that despite Kojima’s past that the company decided to past on whatever he presented, or at least weren’t receptive to the concept.

Though it’s entirely possible that Kojima’s dire update may be connected to the adventure based project he was working on with Suda 51.  Over the past months Kojima has confirmed that he was still working on an adventure based game with the acclaimed creator of Killer 7 and No More Heroes and that the game was still in the early stages of development.  Kojima’s unique side project was announced almost a year ago so perhaps this is the game that has put him in such a negative state.

At this point it’s anyone guess as to what’s going on with Kojima but I will say it’ll be interesting to see what goes down at E3 if we’re graced with an appearance by Kojima or if Konami’s E3 press conference is devoid of any Kojima Productions games.  We may never exactly know what has transpired with Kojima recently, but I hope that he breaks out of his funk since it would be a shame for one of the most talented developers in the business to pull a Keiji Inafune.