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Interesting new attacks in Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker


From the Weird and Weirder files comes a piece of information about Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker of such bewilderment upon reading, operation of heavy machinery is ill advised. This is what Konami had to say yesterday:

[quote]Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker also introduces new AI Weapons - giant unmanned behemoths that Snake must overcome to complete his mission. These include hover, airborne, and tank-style vehicles. Each AI Weapon can speak and even sing during battle using VOCALOID technology, hinting at a surprising level of intelligence.[/quote]

(The take me home in bold)

I'm interested to see how Konami will implement radio to kill the videogame star. As anyone who's listened to pop radio can attest, music can cause pain. I almost wonder if there will be a 51-day seige mode where Snake has to hole up in a shack and survive an onslaught of Nancy Sinatra and Barry Manilow, waco style. Will enemies sing songlists so poisonous, Poison covers are only the beginning? I for one can wait to hear.



Via Konami: here