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Jeri Ryan returns as Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat: Rebirth

Last month we received the exciting news that Warner Brothers has opted to go forward with the gritty and grounded Mortal Kombat retelling/reboot Mortal Kombat: Rebirth. While we were only receiving a small web series, it was nonetheless good to see that Warner Bros. was willing to take the risk with this unique and somewhat unexpected MK spin-off and give gamers some much needed live-action Mortal Kombat goodness.

Aside from confirming that Michael Jai White would be returning in the role of Capt. Jackson Briggs, the cast for MK: Rebirth was relatively unknown.  A few of the actors involved in MK: Rebirth gave hints at their impending return like Ian Anthony Dale (Scorpion), who confirmed his involvement via Twitter. Now we have another MK: Rebirth casting confirmation as Jeri Ryan has confirmed that she’ll be returning in the role of Sonya Blade, of which she portrayed in the original MK: Rebirth test film that leaked last year.

Ryan confirmed her involvement via Twitter as she said revealed she’ll be heading to Vancouver shortly to begin her filming in the project. Warner Brothers has yet to reveal the other cast members of MK: Rebirth but if filming is beginning soon, then we may be lucky enough to receive an official cast reveal shortly, that’s unless things will be kept on the down low until the series premiers in April.  We could very well see the complete cast from the MK: Rebirth test video return for the web series, but when I reached out to actor Matt Mullins (Johnny Cage) he commented that he hadn’t been contacted yet to reprise his role.  I hope Matt ultimately is included in MK: Rebirth as the man is one hell of a marital artist.

So despite the lack of official reveals and full blown details concerning MK: Rebirth, it’s nice to know that the series is progressing and that some of the talent from the original video will be making a return for the web series.  If the same tone is captured that was found in the original test video, then I think we could have something truly special on our hands with Mortal Kombat: Rebirth as the talent involved is shaping up extremely well.  The first episode of Mortal Kombat: Rebirth is expected to arrive on digital stores (iTunes, Amazon, PSN) on April 19th, a day otherwise known as Toasty Tuesday.