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Kane & Lynch movie postponed for an important reason

The Kane & Lynch video game franchise may not be an epic hit like Resident Evil, Tomb Raider or Dead Space, but that isn’t preventing Hollywood from turning it into a movie.  Last we heard about the film exploits of Kane & Lynch, acclaimed actors Bruce Willis and Jaime Foxx were set to star in the film.  Willis was set to portray the former mercenary Kane while in a surprise casting choice Jaime Foxx was set to don the bifocals of the mentally ill Lynch.  The stars were set but the key position of who would be directing the movie remained untapped and that’s still the case today.

Previously director Simon Crane (of the upcoming Red Dawn remake) was set to direct. That is until he dropped out due to “creative differences.”  Rumors had it that Nu Image (the studio developing the film) was looking at a wide range of directors to fill the important void.  Well according to today’s update, French director Patrick Alessandrin was set to direct. But now the Kane & Lynch movie has struck bad luck again as Patrick has dropped out of the project – thus leaving the movie without a director once again.

Prior to Patrick leaving the project, the Kane & Lynch movie was set to begin shooting next month for an estimated 2011 release.  Now with the director position empty, the start date of the Kane & Lynch film has been set to “To Be Determined” by a studio spokesperson.  Action fans may be familiar with Patrick’s work in the French action film District 13: Ultimatum, which if I must say was a dreadful disappointment compared to its predecessor.

Reportedly the studio is now looking at some of its previous options for director which range from Wayne Kramer (Running Scared) F. Gary Gray (Law Abiding Citizen) and Antoine Fuqua (Replacement Killers, Training Day).  With Jaime Foxx starring in the film, I’m going to give the nod to F. Gary Gray as the candidate most likely to assume the role since he worked with Foxx in Law Abiding Citizen.  Though, it would be cool to see Antoine Fuqua’s interpretation of Kane & Lynch as his previous work has maintained a nice level of grit and realism.

I don’t know if anyone is crying over the new delay for the Kane & Lynch film but I’m sure a small portion of gamers are doing celebratory dances since we could’ve been saved from yet another potentially dreadful video game movie.

[Via the L.A. Times]