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Konami Announces New Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Clothing Line

The reach of the Metal Gear Solid franchise has no boundaries as we’ve seen products for the franchise range from affordable action figures, high-end statues, limited edition clothing and even MGS branded food (which sadly was exclusive to Japan).  Once again the MGS franchise is reaching out to gamers who want to express their fandom of the series by wearing t-shirts and clothing that aren’t of a Hot Topic quality. Instead, if you want what appears to be high-end clothes based on MGS then you may want to check out what Konami has announced today.

Set to arrive in stores next Monday in North America is a new line of clothing inspired by Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.  Now by inspired I don’t mean that we’re getting a line of clothing similar to what Konami has done in the past with t-shirt manufacturer Uniqlo. Instead the majority of the items in the MGS: Peace Walker clothing line are directly taken from the game itself which means that not only do you have some new cosplay attire but you have clothing that’s so fashionable that you can wear it in real life without looking completely silly.

The MGS: Peace Walker clothing line, which is created by design group musterband LLC, features an array of items ranging from hats, t-shirts, jackets and even pants – all of which are inspired by items worn by characters in the game.  One would think that having a clothing line directly inspired by MGS would yield a lot of camouflage and tactical looking gear, but I must say that the first line looks rather good so far. While I doubt they’ll fit me (I’m a big boy) the khaki colored pants in the line look rather nice and I totally want to own the brown jacket, which is likely to carry a price tag that may make me cry.  Even the t-shirts in the line, which while a bit simplistic, look rather nice and it shouldn’t be too embarrassing wearing either of those out in public.

The MGS: Peace Walker clothing line will continue throughout the year with new items being released around “special” events.  Exact price points for the clothing line weren’t announced which may mean that you’ll have to dig deep into your pockets if you want some fashionable video game inspired attire.  And yes, I seriously want that brown coat and hopefully I don’t look like a complete creep if I end up buying it and wearing it in public.