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Live Action Gritty Pokemon Movie Trailer Leaked! Shogun Gamer Exclusive.

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Late last night we received an email via our site contact form including a link to a account containing a password protected zip file. The password we were provided was "gottacatchemall" and the zip file was named "".

At this point we assumed I was about to download a Trojan virus, or something ridiculously awesome. Fortunately it wasn't a Trojan. We'll let you decide what you make of it.

The email we recieved read: [NOTE - We published the senders email because it doesn't seem to work and we assume it's fake or closed]


    Subject:     [News Tip] Pokemon Live Action Movie Trailer Cam
    Date:     September 14, 2010 1:59:19 AM PDT (CA)

Professor Oak sent a message using the contact form at

I've been lurking this site for a while and I wanted to see if you were interested in posting this video I captured tonight. Today after work my friend and I were invited to view a "secret movie trailer screening." We were not told what it would be, but when I got there 30 other people and myself were shown a trailer for a Pokemon live action movie. It was super sketchy but I decided to record the last 30 seconds or so of the trailer which was about 3 min long. The clip is in a zip file and the password is "gottacatchemall." I can't give you much more detail then this. I wasn't supposed to film this, but holy shit it was awesome. I'll be in touch with you guys when I can talk more about it.

[ URL Removed]

~Professor Oak


We attempted to contact the user, but the email provided was obviously fake. Our emails just bounce back and Google searches turned up nothing.

From what we can see, this trailer is pretty well done. I'm sure hard core Poke-nuts will get their panties in a knot over a live adaption. But, I never liked the cartoon. I might go check this out. Let us know what you think.

We have no idea who is behind it, if it's studio funded or just a pitch like the recent Mortal Kombat reboot. There's not really much else we can say, simply because we don't know yet. We'll keep you posted if we are contacted again.

So with that being said, here's a world exclusive look at a mysterious Pokemon live action movie trailer.