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Mass Effect 2 also set to drop on the PlayStation Network

To show just how far games have come this generation, Electronic Arts has revealed that Mass Effect 2 will also be available on the PlayStation Network next Tuesday, January 18th, to coincide with its disc based release.  Mass Effect 2 appearing on the PSN may not be that big of a deal, but it’s just cool that a major title, well at least to gamers who haven’t played it, will also be available to download.  After all, some gamers are lazy and may not be immediately tempted to walk to their local Best Buy or Gamestop to purchase the game, especially when it’s 20 degrees and possibly snowing outside.

The PSN version of Mass Effect 2 will include all of the content that’s available in the Blu-ray version (DLC, interactive graphic novel) so those who opt for the digital version won’t get shafted.  I just find it to be rather cool, and perhaps a sign of the future, that a major 3rd party company like EA is launching a major game via a digital distribution service the day of the disc based release.  I don’t know if EA perhaps is using Mass Effect 2 as a test bed of sorts for future releases, but it would be interesting to see what other games EA puts on the store aside from legacy titles like Burnout Paradise.

The size and price of the digital version of Mass Effect 2 hasn't been announced so it’s unknown just how long the download may take and whether EA will reduce the $60 retail price to a more reasonable $40 for the digital release.


[via the PlayStation Blog]