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Metal Gear Sellout, Snake Gets Sponsored

Metal Gear Solid Sellout… I meant Peace Walker has been steadily announcing some of the partnerships made for the game throughout the week. Some of them have been interesting, and provide a little bit of extra goodness to the game. The Monster Hunter levels are a unique little tie-in, and great promotion for both games that’s no worse than the old “Snake vs. Monkey” mode.

However it’s the latest batch of cross-overs that have me a little bit concerned. You see the plan is to cross-over with other games as well, as well as introduce blatant product placements. For example you can dive into hay-bails to avoid enemy detection a la Assassin’s Creed. Where things get really wonky though is features like being able to scout around for bottle of Axe Body Spray, which is used as a recovery item. The guys over at Destructoid tabulated a list of some of the worst offenses:


  • Assassin's Creed straw dive makes it into the game. Seriously.
  • Konami teams up with Sony, Walkmans can be used in-game
  • Clothing brand Uniqlo will make 10 special Peace Walker shirts, available April 26, 1,500 yen
  • Above shirts will include a code for an in-game matching shirt
  • A Monster Hunter area in-game has actual Monster Hunter monsters in it!
  • Many other Monster Hunter tie-ins: Felyne, Ration Grill Sets, co-op play of missions and more
  • In-game magazines: Famitsu, Dengeki, Shounen
  • Suntory tie-up: Mountain Dew cans in-game, 8 IRL cans released in Japan
  • Above drinks will include a code for an in-game Mountain Dew shirt
  • Fritos and Doritos (above) will appear in-game as a recovery item
  • Axe brand deodorant will appear in-game as a recovery item


If you’re having trouble believing that it’s true, I can understand. I really didn’t want to admit it either, but there are a plethora of images available on the Japanese Famitsu site (one of the sponsors) that you can take a look at here.