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Minecraft Lego Series In The Works

The Minecraft phenomenon has completely blown up now and unlike other games or fads it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Thanks to the freedom Minecraft allows, which results in people creating versions of the weeping angels from Doctor Who, gamers are completely infatuated with everything Minecraft.  We’ve already seen some Minecraft products hit the market like foam axes, but now something truly cool and somewhat fitting could happen: a series of Lego toys based on Minecraft.

Now nothing has been signed and sealed just yet, but as per a post on the Lego Cuusoo website and a subsequent Twitter post by a Mojang spokesperson, a Lego Minecraft series is being looked into.  In a way a Lego Minecraft series may seem silly since folks can already create their own Minecraft inspired Lego creations and some people have already done some impressive structures – sadly minus any blocky cows or warriors wielding axes.

Perhaps seeing a Lego Minecraft series come to fruition would be considered a bit too commercial amongst some gamers but the general idea of being able to build certain Minecraft creations or at least have a few specially designed blocks is a pretty cool concept.  So far Mojang is working with existing members of the Lego Minecraft community to draft ideas for a potential line and are still talking to Lego about doing a proper and fully-fledged Minecraft Lego series.  If such a thing would occur it would be the first Lego series based on a video game, minus Prince of Persia because that was based on the rather poopy movie.

The potential Lego Minecraft series isn’t simply the next step of a game developer trying to become a complete media empire as Mojang has promised to donate royalty fees from Lego Cuusoo to a charity, which is a pretty honorable move all around.  

If you’re a Minecraft addict that is excited by a Lego line inspired by the game then head over to the Lego Cuusoo website and let everyone know what you would want to see in the series.

note: header image is a user creation by Michael Thomas