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The Multiplayer Based Brawling Of Anarchy Reigns Gets Bumped To 2012

Sega has just announced that its upcoming action based multiplayer game Anarchy Reigns will be delayed into next year – in Japan at least.  The latest game from acclaimed developer Platinum Games (Bayonetta, Vanquish), Anarchy Reigns is a huge departure of sorts as it’s entirely centered around gamers battling each other online as opposed to being a straight-up single-player adventure.

Originally Anarchy Reigns was set for a worldwide release later this year but that is now questionable given the delay in Japan.  Sega has yet to comment on why Anarchy Reigns was delayed and if the game would be delayed in other territories as well.  It’s entirely possible, and highly likely, that Anarchy Reigns will be delayed in North America and Europe as well since we rarely see single territory delays. But I also can’t help but think if the game is possibly receiving a Japanese delay merely because of the tragic earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March.  Seeing as how Anarchy Reigns features a level in which a tsunami hits the level gamers are playing on, either Sega or Platinum Games may feel that releasing such a thing may be bad taste and a bit too soon for some.  That’s of course just conjecture on my part and I guess we’ll find out shortly as to the delay of Anarchy Reigns.

If we won’t be receiving Anarchy Reigns this year it would be a bit disappointing since I was looking forward to playing as a future ninja or Jack from MadWorld.  Maybe a two-month delay for Anarchy Reigns would be the best thing to happen for the game since we all know that when a new IP is released in the Fall/Winter it never does well, that’s unless it has marines or other such dudebro things.

Once more details on Anarchy Reigns surface I’ll fill y’all in and stay tuned for my impending E3 2011 impressions of the game.


[via Andriasang]