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NECA announces toys for Splinter Cell and Borderlands

With the New York Toy Fair now underway, toy manufacturer and maker of all things awesome Neca has announced via their Twitter that they will be expanding their current roster of video game properties.  NECA has already done figures for such big franchises such as God of War, Gears of War and BioShock but now the company will be making figures for Borderlands, Splinter Cell and BioShock 2.

NECA hasn’t yet shown what their Borderlands and Splinter Cell figures look like but you can get a peek at the new BioShock 2 figures thanks to UGO.

In addition to their new properties NECA is also expanding their Gears of War line with a series of Locust figures that weren’t included in the previous waves.  But that isn’t all we can expect from NECA as it was also revealed on their Twitter page that the company will be covering God of War 3 as well with figures for Zeus and Hades confirmed already and more to come in the future.

NECA promises more coverage on their Borderlands and Splinter Cell figures in the next few months and I just hope their plans include having a 13-inch Sam Fisher and Claptrap figures that say lines from the game. If they did it with God of War then I think it isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility.