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New Backbreaker running game tutorial video

This latest trailer for 505 Games’ Backbreaker gives us a much needed look at the most important thing in football: the running game.  With a behind-the-shoulder camera and Euphoria based animation and physics, the running game is unlike anything we’ve played before. 

Important moves like juking or doing a quick spin are easy to pull off in Backbreaker thanks to being mapped to the right analog stick. And thanks to the Euphoria implementation, your momentum is accurately depicted with each hurdle or dive you perform.

Backbreaker’s physics based animation isn’t only there for superficial purposes.  Upon activating the Aggressive Mode, players can perform shoulder tackles which can be devastating. But that’s only if the player takes into account how many opponents they’re trying to ram into.  This video for Backbreaker may be short but it does an excellent job at proving the game is a worthy entry in the football genre.