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New Batman Video shows The Dark Knight and Joker Fighting Together (don't get your hopes up high)

Today I came across something rather cool in the “Awesome Fakes” department. Ok, so we know that Batman: Arkham City will be coming out later this year but it still remains to be seen if the game will have a multiplayer mode of some sort, whether it’s co-op or competitive based.  We’ve heard a few rumblings at the multiplayer possibilities that could be had in Arkham City, but none of them have been truly substantial or legit.

A lot of gamers continue to hope for a co-op mode in Arkham City but we may just have to keep on dreaming. But us dreamers can watch videos like the one below in which Batman joins up with his arch nemesis Joker to battle some thugs on a Gotham street.  The video, which comes from a French video site, may look like it’s potentially from a scene in Arkham City but it’s actually just a user mod and a damn fine one at that.

Utilizing assets from Batman: Arkham Asylum, the context of the video is simple; Batman faces the Joker, both of them are cornered by crazed Arkham inmates and in a brief union of peace, Batman and the Joker unleash a lot of ass kicking with some slick co-op moves.  It does seem odd to see Batman work alongside the Joker, but having such a dynamic could prove to be interesting if we were to ever see such a thing come out of Batman: Arkham City developer Rocksteady. Perhaps we will see something similar to what was presented in the video if the ever persistent Batman and Catwoman co-op mode turns out to be a reality.

So props to whoever out there created this video as it’s rather polished and well-choreographed for what it is.