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New BioShock Infinite Trailer Provides Info on Columbia

A new trailer titled Fractions at War was released today for BioShock Infinite, giving us some history on the new sky-world, Columbia.

The new trailer stars Ken Levine, creative director of BioShock, who gives a brief synopsis on the history of Columbia. The trailer reviews that Columbia was created by America in the 1890’s as a kind of demonstration of their power and success. Levine likens the floating city to the Statue of Liberty, but able to move around the world.  However, America’s city of the sky doesn’t experience very much success as eventually there is a power struggle and an extremist politician, Comstock, takes control.

After Comstock gains leadership of Columbia a movement of revolution starts, eventually manifesting into the Vox Populi –  a group dedicated to fight against Comstock’s and other extremist’s views. This unfortunately goes way beyond debate and Columbia soon becomes a battle ground between the two fractions. The trailer showcases the Vox Populi very negatively, portraying them as a sort of terrorist meets Sons of Liberty mash-up. It also appears that protagonist Booker Dewitt is going to have some conflict with the Vox Populi.

This trailer brought a lot of thoughts to mind. Mainly how happy I am that we (If you’re American) have the Statue of Liberty (Canadians get Sidney Crosby, so it’s fair) instead of a gas guzzling floating city, especially considering the painfully high price of gas.

Those looking yearning to learn more of BioShock Infinite’s world can expect a new video from Irrational Games soon, which will explain Elizabeth’s ability to manipulate tears, as stated by the trailers description.