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[UPDATED] New footage of Another Century's Episode R

In case you didn’t know, what could be the best mech game ever created is coming out next month. Obviously most of our fine readers don’t have a clue what I’m talking about since I’m referring to From Software’s anime mash-up Another Century’s Episode R.  Set to release in Japan next month (sad face to the max) the game features an impressive line-up of mechs from various animes such as Gundam, Macross, Evangelion and Code Geass. There’s some sort of reason as to why these mechs are fighting but who the hell needs a explanation for this celebration of awesome?

Today thanks to a kind person in Japan, we have some new footage of ACE R and it indeed is cool as hell. The quality of the footage isn’t exactly exceptional since it was taken off one of those massive outdoor screens that certain Japanese stores have. But thanks to a steady hand we can appreciate the amazing battles that are showcased in this 10 minute video.

With an array of big explosions, classic anime moments, and visuals that look solid there’s no reason why ACE R will be crap. Even sluggish controls shouldn’t be too much of a damper on the experience of battling in space and facing off against massive foes.

So for all the fellow anime/mech fans out there I hope you dig this new footage as much as I did. And maybe I’m silly but I’m so spending $90 to import this even though I don’t read Japanese.



Here's some direct feed footage instead of the shaky vid that was originally posted.

Old video