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New Mass Effect 3 Trailer Reveals Some Combat Action

BioWare drops a spanking new Mass Effect 3 trailer today which reveals some of the game's new combat mechanics. The trailer which is apparently just part one of the reveal features Commander Shepard leading some of his comrades into battle as they get into a gunfight with Cerberus.

We see Shepard barking out various squad orders, whether it's changing weapons, using Biotics or just changing their flanking position, to his teammates Garrus and Liara. As it was revealed earlier, Mass Effect 3 will feature Kinect support that relates to these squad orders which will have you yelling at your television and having your neighbors think you are crazy.

Also included is our first look of the melee action which seems to combine melee with some Biotic ability and lastly we see the return of grenades! I sorely miss my grenades from the first Mass Effect which then disappeared with Mass Effect 2.

Wait did Liara just get killed!?

Mass Effect 3 is schedule to release on March 06 2012 for the Xbox 360, PS3 & PC