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New Warner Brothers game teased on the Jace Hall Show

I like game teases a lot, especially when they’re for unannounced games and all we get is a five seconds of footage. Usually such a quick tease would whip us all in a rage since after all we do like seeing games but thanks to the humorous nature of the Jace Hall Show this new tease isn’t completely devoid of any entertainment.

On the latest episode of the Jace Hall Show aside from dealing with Randy Jackson (you know that dude on American Idol) Jace also sat down with several members of Warner Brothers Interactive. What proceeds is a humorous, though that depends on what you like, segment that not only includes a few knocks on Jace himself but a funny knock on the failed project that was The Matrix: Online.

The payoff to this WB Interactive segment is a world-exclusive first look at an unannounced WB game. We aren’t exactly given a lot to go off of aside from it being an fps game (yes, yet another fps game). While short the footage itself looks rather good as it’s a brief action scene of a helicopter crashing into what appears to be an sea based oil rig.  Visually the footage looks sharps and it seemed a bit reminiscent of the gritty style found in Criterion’s PS2/Xbox fps game Black.

As to what this new fps game could be I have a feeling it’s related to F.E.A.R. developer Monolith. Being one of WB Interactive’s internal studios and having already pumped out an array of fps games I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to imagine that this game could be one of the projects Monolith is cooking up.

Jump to the 15min mark in the vid to view the footage.

[Via VG247]