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Pirates of the Caribbean Director Set To Make Games For Microsoft

The connection between Hollywood and the world of video games may not be perfect just yet, in either medium, but it’s still growing based on this new tidbit of news.  After giving us some simple yet stylish blockbuster popcorn movies over the past few years, director Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) is making the jump to video games.  Verbinski’s company Blind Wink Productions will be making the leap to digital entertainment as the studio has signed a deal to produce games for Microsoft platforms – which of course includes the Xbox 360.

There were hints that Verbinski’s company was making a video game based on some minor details found by the ever amazing Superannuation chap, but now it’s official and isn’t a mere “what-if” any more.  The nature of the deal between Blind Wink Productions and Microsoft hasn’t been detailed (an exact year or number of titles produced hasn’t been disclosed) but the studio is currently prepping a Kinect based XBLA game set for release next year.

I never quite liked the Pirates of the Caribbean films and I haven’t seen Rango yet but I will admit that Verbinski has a keen eye so seeing a video game come out somewhat under his direction ought to be interesting. While I doubt whatever XBLA game Blind Wink is producing will be handled directly be Gore, he’ll probably be busy shooting The Lone Ranger for Disney, I’m sure it’ll have his stamp of approval and unique sense of style to boot as well.  Either that or this will merely be yet another misguided case of a film director wanting to create games, albeit on a smaller scale compared to the almost infamous Steven Spielberg/EA LMNO situation.  

However grim some of the past endeavors film directors have made in the world of gaming, I do think Blind Wink may give us the goods since Gore is fond of video games and even championed directing a Bioshock film until Universal Studios wanted to make it a mandatory PG-13 and lower the budget.

Since Gore Verbinski is a pretty big name in the film world and Microsoft likes to make a splash, I wouldn’t be too surprised if we see Blind Wink’s Kinect project surface next year at E3 since the buzz of E3 + film director hype = possible gold.  

Until we get an official game reveal we'll just have to speculate as to what Blind Wink and a talented director may create using the Kinect.  Hopefully the end result will be better than some of the recent content we've seen which honestly has been a tad dreadful.


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